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dear myself
27 July 2028 @ 05:39 pm

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*tolerance to posts that are largely pointless in nature a necessity, while similar interests would also help :) comments are (initially) screened.

Please note that if you simply add me, I will not add you back. Of course, if the add is just to stalk whatever random entries I make, I don't mind.

taking requests over here and the list of said requests over here.

[long list of fanfiction/writing/older projects]

Stopped updating there. Check frank_optimism instead.

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dear myself
01 January 2013 @ 12:04 am

Happy New Year!

I'm not really around here much and have nothing important to say so... here's to another year \o/
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dear myself
01 December 2012 @ 09:44 pm
- So Nanowrimo happened, and I decided to do it unofficially to see if I could reach 50,000 words. I did manage the word count in the end, which was something, except I went for semi-connected short stories and am only halfway done with those orz. I don't know what I'm doing, obviously.

So yeah, that was sort of the main reason I never got around to posting anything. Here, have some old(ish) licensing news anyway:

* First we have Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. I quite liked the atmosphere of the first game, horror and bad ends all around. Except the chase sequences aaaaa orz it is possible to get the enemy trapped on things, so that part was always fun

I'm definitely buying this when it comes out, because yeaaaaaahhh. It will definitely end well.

* Second is Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi, which I actually know very little about. But hey, a Hakuoki hack-and-slash sort of game. Why not?

* And last, but not least, is the Atelier: Premium Artworks book, thanks to Udon Entertainment. Since I was debating over whether or not to buy the original Japanese version (because pretty pictures) this is great news.

- Oh, and Etrian Odyssey 4 is getting a US release, which is awesome. So I'm just going to hope a PAL release is actually possible someday. That'd be nice.
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dear myself
21 October 2012 @ 10:07 pm

Sora no Kiseki FC (aka Trails in the Sky) is getting a HD PS3 release in December. There's hope that this version will get localised (since the PSP market isn't all that great), and I'd totally be behind that.

- Half Minute Hero is now on Steam! I don't have an account there (because reasons; mostly lazy), but anyone who does should buy this. Unless you already have the PSP (or Xbox 360) version, though there's been talk about possibly getting the sequel brought over if this does well. Hmmm

- Playing Gurumin kind of makes me want to punch things, because the controls feel sort of floaty(?) and it's pretty difficult to do anything with precision. And then there's the part where you're graded on each stage, and I will never gold rank them all. I don't know, it bothers me.

When that's over, maybe I'll just go do some running in Half Minute Hero, or play Harvest Moon or something. Or maybe I should clear my backlog a bit more. Decisions, decisions.
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dear myself
08 October 2012 @ 11:20 pm

Also, the fact that the fourth game is for the 3DS and might not even get a PAL release makes me sad. The music continues to be really awesome, in any case.
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dear myself
17 September 2012 @ 10:09 pm

the best tree

- So I'm back to playing Recettear, since I only ever really finished repaying the debt but haven't done all that much post-game. Also going through loops so I can collect True Cards while wondering how long it'll be before I actually complete the item encyclopedia (probably never, but who knows).

...At least I managed to make an Ultraburger.

Oh, also; Caillou makes me want to punch things, because he's a mage and I keep wanting to save MP even when it's not a good idea. Whoops.

- Finished Nayuta no Kiseki, found that one missing crystal, and I don't know if I'll do a New Game+ run or wait in hope that it'll get localised. I had a lot of fun, once I got used to how things worked.

- And a while back I complained about the auto battle mechanic in The Last Story; I found out somewhat recently that you can actually turn that off and attack normally.

I get the feeling I made the game slightly harder/more annoying because I never realised that. So yeah, this time around should be better. Or maybe I'll just keep shooting townspeople with banana peels. I don't know.
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dear myself
19 August 2012 @ 10:12 pm
Haven't really been in the mood to write anything in particular, which meant I kept putting this off. Also, my copy of Nayuta no Kiseki arrived so I've been spending time on that and getting frustrated at one level because I can't find a crystal.


Hana no Mizo Shiru/Only the Flower Knows finished in the recent Craft issue, and volume 3 is set to be released on September 1. Still have no idea when volume two is being released in English, though.

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dear myself
16 July 2012 @ 11:35 pm
I kept putting this post off, and now it's long(ish). But first things first:

- Throwers (and knockback) in Gungnir are both useful and amusing. The fact that I actually managed to kill two enemies through collision damage in the last battle was the best, seriously.

- Ys Celceta's website is up. While the initial trailer is now outdated, it's still worth a watch if only for the music. And the opening is out too.
+update: have a new gameplay video.

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dear myself
01 July 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Oh hey, it's July. Wait what.

My warped sense of time aside, Caramel (by Okuyama Puku) has been licensed! Sure, there's no set release date yet, but just knowing is good. aaaaaaa I'm so excited for thissss
Update: a release date has been given- November 2012 aaaaaaaaaa

Anyway, it's recent/random titles this time around, because I clearly have no idea how I'm actually doing these things. The next issue of Craft is out this month, so that's something to look forward to, otherwise I'm just sort of focusing on upcoming games and waiting for the next release of the Persona 4 manga.

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dear myself
23 June 2012 @ 10:03 pm
so have an image of bread instead because I'm just too lazy to write up an actual post right now and it's cold.

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